Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Days!!!

So last Friday morning we woke up to this. (I didn't get good pics b/c we were excited to go out and play in it & then I only took pics of Jax.)

It's just crazy! In Jax's little life of less than 2 years he has had 3 pretty substantial snows (for Louisiana at least)! Dustie and I say we MAY have had that many in our whole childhood. That crazy global warming...hehe :)

Needless to say, Jax had a blast. Friday afternoon we went to our friends' house-the McRae's and played in the snow with them until the wee hours of the night! (ok, till 11, but those are "wee hours" for little men!)

Here he is with his bff Boo


Jax & Dad took a turn in the sled & on the 4-wheeler.
The pic stinks-it was dark & I used my phone. :(

We had an awesome supper-gumbo & bread pudding.
Awesome Louisiana Friday night!

Jax LOVES it there.
They have LOTS of friends to play with & LOTS of goodies to eat!

Here he is with Jon & Daniel-he thinks he's as big as they are.

Cuddling Boo...a LOT

The next day we decided to build a snowman before all the snow melted.

Jax was more interested in eating the snow.
(Up until now, that's all he had really done with it-snow ice cream!)

Jax not too sure about this snowman that's his size.

It grew! Now he really doesn't know what to think!

The funniest thing now is Jax is obsessed with his boots! He will not take them off. He wants to nap in them even. It's hilarious!


  1. lol. My kids had a pair of those boots that their Granny brought back from England. So cute.

  2. Awesome! I'm gonna have to find some more b/c they're almost too small!