Wednesday, April 1, 2015

School Easter Fun

The boys had their school Easter Party & Egg Hunt this week. They were super excited!

Of course, we had a photo-shoot of them in their egg-hunting attire. ;) 

After I dropped the boys off at school, I rushed home to feed Jeb one last time, then dropped him off with our sweet Maggie Pearl.

After that I loaded up all the party paraphranailia & bribed, I mean begged, PreacherHubs to meet me there. ;) He helped me set up both boys' classrooms for their parties, then we had to divide & conquer for the hunt.

I went with John to the area where the 2 y/o classes would hunt.

John sneaking a bLLLue egg into his bucket before the hunt even started.

They said, "On your mark, get set, GO!" & he was off!

I was super proud of his quick hunting skills.

So proud of his full bucket!

D went with Jax for his hunt. Here's his little class & his great teacher.

Jax told me all about his hunting strategy.

While all of the other kids started hunting from the front & made their way back,

Jax ran to the back of the field & was able to hunt alone.

Leave it to this little thinker to strategize an egg hunt!

& I'm sure competitive Daddy had NOTHING to do with it! ;)

This Easter party has been slowly taking over my house. It's ok though. I love party planning & this mess makes me happy.

The hunt lasted all of 5 minutes. Those little folks are fast! Here's Bunny John at his class party.

2 year olds are so stinkin cute! I just love doing things for their little class.

Our sweet friend Adleigh, John, & a whole table of bunnies!

John & his friend Mason.

John gave his friends Easter books & bunny gummies.

I bought the Easter books from the boys' book order when they had a great deal.

John's favorite part is getting to give his teacher a gift. We just love Ms. Connie!

We bought them some Easter candy, lip balm, nail polish, & a Target gift card.

Jax at his class party.

They had a fun time.

Jax gave his class sticker books & Egg-shaped Double Bubble.

John crashing Jax's party.

Jax & his teacher Ms. Wanda. I've decided we're keeping her as Granny Wanda even after this school year. :) Thankfully, we go to church with her!

The icing on top of this "Easter cupcake" was, after the parties the boys got to play with some chicks & a duck! What fun!

It was a great day. We are so thankful for our boys' teachers & school!

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