Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Break Staycation

Last week (2 weeks ago by the time this posts) was Spring Break. Since Jeb hasn't had his shots yet & it seems as if the world around us is plagued with the flu or stomach virus, we had to get creative.

We began our adventure once the boys got out of school Thursday. PreacherHubs was the preacher for the Mississippi Gideon Convention this year, so we all packed up & headed to Jackson!

It's been a while since we've traveled with a newborn. I forgot how much "stuff" they need!

Jax was so excited to go to "his city."

& John was happy to get to watch movies in the car.

The favorite this trip was Super Mickey! It's less than 30 mins long, so we watched it a few times!

The Gideon's were wonderfully hospitable.

Our big adventure on Friday was to go pick up lunch & bring it back to the room. When we got back, our room was still being cleaned, so we just waited

Stuck in the hotel, but happy for a change of scenery!

On Friday, Mimi & Mitz came to meet us at our hotel. They got a room so that they could help me & hang out!

One of our favorite restaurants is next door, so we waited to go at a less crowded time & sat in the back for lunch.

PreacherHubs finished up the conference late Saturday afternoon & we went home to prepare for church the next day.

The next few days were so rainy, so I tried to come up with things to keep the boys busy. (Photo shoots are always in the mix ;))

Yummy, easy boy lunch.

We often stayed up late, so a nap or two was on the agenda during the week.

I'm pulling the #NewbornMom card!

We baked breakfast muffins!

& did CANNONBALLS off the furniture.

We made bracelets for ourselves, our teachers, & our Mimi & Belle Belle.

We practiced karate while watching the Ninja Turtles.

We rented movies & had fun movie nights.

We had Froyo!

We had a pajama day. The Saturday before getting back to school, D had a funeral that took most of the day, so I tried to keep the boys busy.

We rode in the car in our pajamas to get Raisin Canes for lunch.

Then we snuggled up in my bed & watched cartoons. Daddy joined the pajama fun when he got home.

We had a very nice Springbreak Staycation. I'm so thankful for my Littles & that I have the opportunity to do life with them each day!

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