Thursday, April 30, 2015

ALL the Easter Pics!

I obviously have a little catching up to do. Here are our pics from Easter!

My sweet Littles in their Spring pajamas.

Momma wanted a picture of the boys with EB :)

Palm Sunday morning.

Jax's super cute Palm Sunday craft.

Spring pictures! We had fun taking these. The rabbit in Jax's lap jumped out of his lap & hopped around & John screamed like a girl. The rabbit wasn't near him & was even hopping away from him, but I guess it surprised him. Hilarious!

John & I had a baking night - just the two of us (while Jeb was napping & Daddy & Jax were at baseball practice). 

Jax has been playing lots of sports recently & John is too young to participate. With D taking Jax to all of his practices & games & Jeb taking a lot of my attention, I decided John needed some special time.

D has also been making a special point to take John on errands with him so they can have alone time too.

Some of our Spring decor. Love me a holiday!

We played a game, "Where da Hare?" the week before Easter. D hid a small chocolate bunny every day & the boys & I had to find it. It was really fun!

On Good Friday, we had a Bunny Breakfast!

We had eggs, sausage, & pancakes assembled to look like bunnies with whipped cream for their cottontail.

Saturday we had a Easter Egg Hunt for the children at church. Here are some of the young kids ready to hunt!

Before the hunt. I was such a distraction. :)

After the hunt. They did great!

They wasted no time to find what was in their eggs.

I stumbled upon this prayer this year & liked it. My favorite part says, "Let every morning be an Easter morn, & Christ each day within our hearts be born. Let each brief day be filled with holy deed, & glad hearts cry, 'The Christ is risen indeed.'"

Easter Sunday! 

My 3 handsome gentlemen!

Lil Jeb in his bow tie & "loafers".

EB brought fun goodies!

Jeb's basket was my favorite. Diapers, bottles, wipes, etc. 

After lunch we had our own egg hunt. Both boys are pretty competitive, so it was fun!

It was an EGGcellent Easter!

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