Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Take Me to Church

There's no substitute for meeting at the church-house with your church family!

I haven't been able to be there for the past few weeks so that I can be Jeb's Mommy. (Nursing on-demand, protecting from the flu & stomach bug epidemics...need I say more??) While I know I was where I was supposed to be for this short time, I have missed meeting with my church family!! I have joked with friends that I get all the "crazy" of Sunday mornings, without any of the goodies. I get Jax & John up, fed, dressed, & to church, but I don't get the "goodies" of Bible Study, visiting with my SS friends, praying with my prayer group, & worshipping with my people!

I have spent wonderful time with the Lord (It's amazing what He can reveal at those 3 am feedings!)  & have the sweetest worship from the privacy of my own house or car, but there's just something about worshipping with my church family. The Bible tells us to not neglect meeting together & to encourage one another (Heb. 10:25). That verse has never meant more to me than now. I have a new understanding of why obedience to this command of God is important. My wise SS teacher has said that the enemy uses isolation as a tactic to keep us from gathering together & encouraging one another. That is so true. He will take that one missed Sunday & use it to drive a wedge into your fellowship with your church family &, worse, your fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Jeb & I didn't make it through the whole service tonight, but the time we were there was so good for my soul. (I mean, I have the best church anyway, right?! lol) Very soon Jeb can go to the nursery & we will be back to "normal." (& my Sunday School class won't be able to shut me up!)

I share this b/c I'm in a place where I have a fresh understanding of the Word regarding assembling together. I pray you are encouraged to stop the chain of missing out on what God has for you at His house & to stop the lies of the enemy.

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