Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dr. Daddy!!!

We have had a great, eventful weekend! There are a couple of events/moments I want to record on our blog. I'll start with the most recent & most anticipated moment...PreacherHubs has finished all of his doctorate work!!

I couldn't be prouder of my man. Not only has he been busy working on his doctorate, but he has managed to lead & guide our family, loved me & nurtured our marriage, be a wonderful Daddy to the boys (being super hands-on, coaching basketball, taking time to teach & play with them, attending & helping at all school events), he's been ever present during my pregnancy & the birth of our third child, pastored & led a church body...I could go on, but I won't. :) The thing that really gets me is how he has juggled all of this & made it look easy!

D had his exit interview this past Friday. It was his final step to complete in order to graduate. 

He knows how stir-crazy I've been, so Super Daddy let us tag along to New Orleans & make a fun little family trip out of it.

That morning, we loaded up the car for one night (yes...this is minimal packing). As D was washing out John's potty to pack (we're in full potty training mode right now), he was laughing. I told him he may be getting his doctorate, but around the house, he's best known as "Daddy". The boys & I will always be here to keep him humble! ;)

Before we left on our trip to N.O., we had to take Jeb to the doctor to get his first round of vaccinations. D & the boys dropped me & Jeb off for that while they filled the tank with gas & got some breakfast.

JohnJohn watching Super Mickey.

Sometimes you need to wear your sunglasses.

Jax in the way-back. 

We got to N.O., D checked us into our hotel, & then he went to his interview. The boys & I played in the room. (They love hotels.)

John snacking & checking himself out. Haha

The boys playing cars so sweetly together.

That didn't last too long. I just love this picture! Haha, keeping it real... Jax was bothering John somehow. Look at Jax's little smirk. What a stinker... 

Pouting John

Then, the next minute, they were playing & jumping on the bed. Oh, the drama!

Not too long after this fun, D called & told me he passed!! Woohoo!!!

Dr. Dustie Dunn!!! Or, as some have been saying, Triple D!
My friend asked if he was going to make me call him "Dr." I told her that he probably thinks he is, but he tried with his Master's & that sure didn't work!! :)

We went to dinner to celebrate. We went to one of our family's favorite places. (We took this pic to send to my family & rub it in.)

John's napkin airplane kept him entertained.

We went back to the room & watched movies & just had fun as a family.

Jeb was so good. He slept most of the weekend after his shots.

My handsome boy the next morning/ready for another day of celebrating!

We went to Cafe du Monde for a late breakfast & then we just took our time coming home.

Next month will be D's graduation, so I'm sure the celebrating will continue at least until then!

Thank You, Lord for Your hand in every step of this process. May You use all of this for Your glory!

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