Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kringle Thingles 6 / Keepin it Real

Day 6-Outside Lights.

**Keepin it Real: Kringle hops around from place to place & does crazy things multiple times a day. We think it's fun. My boys are one & four, so we do the Truth in the Tinsel lessons as best we can.
1-The planner crazy person in me has a December calendar & I try to be intentional & have Kringle doing something that correlates with what I want to talk about that day. But that doesn't always happen. 
2-We don't have our Christmas decor-it didn't make the move to Petal.
3-Sometimes we don't talk about the topic I chose for that day b/c Jax brings up a different topic. I find that he will learn much more if I take advantage of that curiosity right then, so I just go with what life brings.
4-Some days we learn about 2 different Truth in the Tinsel things, some days we don't talk about any.
5-Some days I'll talk about the same thing 10 times & Jax seems like he couldn't care less. That's ok. He's 4. (& I usually find out that he's learning much more than he lets on.)
6-I've learned not to stress about doing it, but to make it fun. If I can't stand doing it, I won't.

(That said, I'm not even certain what day this was planned to be discussed & what day we found Kringle!)

Earlier this week the boys found Kringle hanging on the lighted garland on our front door.
People around us are beginning to put their lights on their home, which led to our discussion about Christmas lights. 

Outside Christmas lights began with department stores putting them on their buildings in an attempt to draw in customers. Later, people could afford their own outside lights & started hanging them on their own houses. Basically, it caught on by everyone wanting to "keep up with the Joneses."
These lights are to remind us of how we should be everyday. We should let our lights shine so that this dark world will know that we are different & we have the love of Christ!

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