Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kringle Thingles 18-21 / Krazy Kringle!

We made a whirlwind trip to Shreveport recently (to close on the sell of our Vivian house). We left Petal after church Wednesday night & arrived in Shreveport at my parents' house at 2:30 am. D got up a few hours later (Thurs. morning...after being up a couple of times taking care of John. God bless him. I love that man.) to get the last of our things at our house. Lots of people stopped by when they saw D's truck & he had lunch with a few church folks who were at Chavos. (We won't get into my jealousy...) While D was in Vivian, I took the boys to visit Mammaw who is in a rehab facility from her back surgery (she's doing well, getting stronger, & looks so great!). After that, my Dad took the boys to the shop so that I could meet D for the closing!!! After closing, we took D's truck & trailer & parked it in Mammaw's driveway. (I borrowed Mammaw's car.) Then, we picked the boys up from the shop & took them down the road to visit with D's PawPaw & give him his usual present of a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant & our latest family picture. (He's doing great, still working hard. This was our Christmas visit with him since we won't be back for Christmas.) After that, we went to my Parents' for dinner & watched Home Alone :) That's so us. Friday morning, we got up early & went to D's Granny & Grandad's for breakfast & to have Christmas with them, his parents, & the aunts & cousins. (They're doing well & are settled in their new home that is very nice & still "them." They've made it feel like their place. Grandad just completed his last chemo treatment & we continue to pray for his health & for him to feel good & have an appetite.) After that, we headed home to Petal! We had a wonderful visit. It was a very, very good couple of days!

Because of all of our shenanigans, Kringle has been all over the place being crazy & has not been very organized! ;)

Here are a bunch of "Krazy" things Kringle has been doing:

Looks like K wanted some hot chocolate!

He was admiring all the boys' lovely artwork.

He was attempting my puzzle.

He was enjoying all the presents under the tree...he was enjoying even having a tree!

Looks like he wanted to read a Christmas book!

He got into Daddy's stocking to see if there was any coal! 

He was looking at our crazy Christmas schedule!

He was enjoying a nice "bubble bath."

He was sending some emails to the North Pole ;)

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