Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dunn December Fun!

Like everyone else, December is a super fun-FILLED month. We've really enjoyed all the different get-togethers!
Here's a picture-dump of some of the fun things we've been doing:

We took Christmas pictures (outside, while John had an ear infection). Those things considered, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

We have been LOVING the YouVersion Kids Bible App!

Elf snuggles.

Mimi Mail! The boys love getting packages in the mail!

John wants to be like Brother.

I've LOVED subbing for this Bunco group every month. This month was a Tacky Christmas themed Bunco. I love spending time with people who know how to have fun!

We took the boys to see Santa.

The preschoolers took up the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering last Sunday.

The boys had a wonderful time at the Center for Families Christmas Party!

D & I are enjoying all the fun Christmas Parties. 

The boys got an outdoor play set for their birthday & Christmas from my parents. (They were waiting for us to move before giving it to the boys.) Jax was a wee bit excited! :) Now, for the task of clearing some brush in our backyard & putting it together! 

The boys are having a fun time with Mimi & Mitz this weekend. This picture is of them at Disney on Ice in Biloxi.

We can't wait to celebrate Christmas with the GranDunns. We will do that with them when we go close on our house…hopefully soon!

We went to a musical Sunday night & Jax fell asleep about 20 minutes into it. …a musical that he was in! haha! Wow…never a dull moment.

Here's Jax awake & enjoying the cookies & cocoa after church!

Below is the video D took of Jax falling asleep in the musical. He's the one you can hear laughing!
(It can only be viewed on a desktop/laptop.) Enjoy!