Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kringle Thingles 1- Colors of Christmas

As a family, we have had too much fun thinking of what we're thankful for throughout the Thanksgiving holidays. We just don't want to stop celebrating God's blessings!

Every year our elf, Kringle, stops by for fun around Christmas time. This year, he is here doing all kinds of crazy things again & he is helping us celebrate Jesus' birth. Each day he is caught doing something fun & exciting that goes along with an interesting fact or thing to help us focus on & learn about Christ's coming to Earth.  

I recently read the book- The Truth is in the Tinsel by Lisa Whelchel. I really liked what she shared. She was seeking God about how to lead her children in celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmastime. She learned: "Christmas is not only about the birth if Jesus-it's also about celebrating the birth of Jesus," & that, "Celebrating Christmas isn't far from the heart of God." The Lord told her to, "Look in the middle of the celebration & you will find Me." I have tried to incorporate lots of that information into our holidays!


Today- The Colors of Christmas

These "Kringle Thingles" posts will be all about the things Kringle does throughout December. :)

After church this morning, we found Kringle in the refrigerator & he had turned the milk GREEN!!

It was super silly & the boys immediately wanted some green milk. While partaking of our green milk, we talked about the colors that we think of when we think of Christmas. Red, green, white...

We talked about who picked the colors for Christmas. It was God! As the Creator of the earth, He chose the colors for every season. Think about the colors of nature at Christmastime: evergreen trees, holly berries, snow... Green represents eternal "evergreen" life, Red represents the blood Jesus shed for us, White represents the spotless lamb of God, Gold represents the divine nature of Christ the King, & Silver represents the price that was paid for His betrayal as well as our redemption from Hell! Obviously, we learned the 1 & 4 y/o version of this, but I love how we will be able to dig even deeper for years to come! God's color palette is the most beautiful!

I LOVE how God is in everything about the Christmas season. The lost don't understand, but there is no way to take Christ out of Christmas. Hallelujah!

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