Friday, December 13, 2013

Kringle Thingles 12-14

This weekend is Christmas party weekend for the Dunns. We have been to 12 parties so far this season & have 6 more (that we know of) before Christmas. What can we say? We Dunns like to have fun!

Since we had a full weekend, (& b/c they're great, & look for any excuse to have the boys) my parents decided to come get the boys & take them to New Orleans & Biloxi for a few days.

While the boys are gone, Kringle hasn't been quite as active. He may send a couple of "selfies" to the boys. But he's taking it easy!

He's been really busy since the 1st. He does a lot more silly things than I have put on the blog (things that don't necessarily go with Truth in Tinsel). I wanted to share some of that silliness with you!

[Disclaimers: Let Kringle's antics have no reflection on me. He is his own "elf." & remember that I'm a boy Mom. ;)]

K shows up in all kinds of places all throughout the day. (& sometimes he doesn't move at all ;)) You just never know about that silly guy!

K loves to start the day in God's Word.

K brought the boys some silly Christmas shirts.

After a day of baking, K had a tummy ache from eating too many sweets. (Potty discussions are a big part of the day for a Mom of 1 & 4 y/o boys.) This was great preparation for John's potty training. Although, Jax may never eat a peppermint. Ever.

K was found trying to get into the boy's dress up cabinet! He even had a cape on!

Later in the day, he got in! He made sure to hang his cape in the cabinet. 
John found K that day. He's loving these adventures.

We love these adventures & having fun playing with our babies!

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