Sunday, October 27, 2013


Tonight was the big night of Trunk-R-Treat at our church. Of course, all of these pics are through my Mom goggles & of two little boys. 

While this event may look like a Fall Carnival, it's really a full-on missions event that our church uses to reach unchurched families & lost souls for Jesus. HUNDREDS of Bibles (in two languages) were handed out & the gospel was shared with countless people. We are claiming that God's Word never returns void & we are praying to do everything in our power to fulfill the Great Commission.

Now, let me open my "wallet."

The boys this morning before church. Jax talked about Trunk-R-Treat all day. :)

The (forced) pictures right as we arrived.

Waiting for the fun to begin! (John had no intention of putting down that bottle!)

Fishing for goodies!

The crocodile head comes off & a sucker goes in our mouth & we become much more pleasant! (Sucker #1)

Walking the plank!

(Sucker #3)

We had a great evening! 

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