Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!!!

What a fun evening! After mine & the boys' super-quick visit to see the Grands, (3-turned-4-day trip from home...2 of those days were traveling days) I didn't have any ambition to take the boys Trick-or-Treating. I drove through some crazy rain/wind storms on the way home, so I was drained. But when my Man got home all excited to take his boys out, his excitement was contagious! & I'm so glad.

We loaded the fellas up in the wagon & decided to just stay in our little subdivision.

No, these are not their official 2013 Halloween costumes (those were Captain Hook & the Crocodile). They have a bunch of costumes b/c dressing up is an everyday thing for us (& Mimi really loves to give costumes as gifts). Halloween, Shmalloween! This is just another day for the Dunn boys...except for the candy part!

John wore a dinosaur costume (a hand-me-down from Jax). True to Dunn boy history, John did NOT want to wear the head.

We got to meet a few more neighbors & met some others that go to our church, as well as live in our subdivision.

Jax took his job of saying, "Trick-or-Treat!" very seriously. :) John participated a little, but his ambition was to eat his candy/goody as we went from house to house.

We went down the two circles & made it back to the house next door to our house when it started POURING. Part of the storm we drove through earlier made it's way to Petal! We RAN to our house & had to de-costume in the laundry room. We were all soaked. 
The night was fun, hilarious, & full of great memories!