Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Essentials!

I super-dee-duper LOVE Fall!!! As I write that, I think that I might say that at the change of every season...I can't help it! I really like change! 
But I seriously love everything about Fall. The crisp, cool air brings an excitement & energy with it, promising fun holidays & celebrations with family, fun football games, sitting on the porch with hot coffee, or maybe sitting around a fire outside! 
There's so much to love about Fall. There are a few items in my life that go hand-in-hand with Fall.

It's no secret that I love me some BBW candles!! My house must smell yummy & cozy. There are tons of scents to choose from, but I'm still addicted to Pumpkin Apple. I can't get enough...all day everyday!

Not only does my house scent change with the seasons, my perfumes do too! 
My all-time favorite Fall fragrance in Blissful Blackberry from BBW. It's discontinued (b/c that's what always happens to things I love) but I have about half of a bottle left & I use it sparingly! My college roommate got me hooked on the scent. One spritz & I'm taken straight back to the good old days of sophomore year.
My 2nd Fall Favorite is BBW's Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I'm definitely a Chapstick & lipgloss junkie. These are some great Fall ones from Treat & Philosophy.

Great nail polishes are a must for every season. These are a few brands I like that have some great colors in their new Fall lines. My color addiction now is the dark purple/eggplant color in the Sally Hansen. The name is Malbec & it's part of the Tracy Reese designer collab.

It's fun to get a new bag for Fall to switch-it-up from the norm. I picked up a couple from Philip Lim's Target line. I have the cross body bag (yes, the same bag) in gray & mustard. I've been rockin the gray quite a bit. Handy & still cute!

Layers are key to Fall survival in the South. Just because a day starts at 50 degrees, doesn't mean it won't end at 80. One great way to survive is by wearing a scarf. There are soooo many to choose from out there. I love it!!

Another great layer is a cardigan. Let's be honest, for me, a cardigan is an essential for every season! ;) I kinda like em!

Finally...jackets & coats...Duh! 
I'm eyeing a fun leather jacket. Maybe Santa will surprise me ;) 
& I'm notsopatiently waiting for the awesome Old Navy coat sale! I'm feeling navy or camel (If my skin isn't camel colored...) for this year. We shall see!

What are your Fall Essentials?!

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