Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Essentials *Jax & John's Edition*

This is a special edition of Fall Essentials chosen by Jax & John!

A must for these lip-licking boys is Chap Stick. These new delicious flavors make Chap Stick even better. Cake Batter is a Dunn boy fave!

Here are some more new flavors we MUST find to try! The boys will surely like the strawberry banana (& Momma really wants to try the green apple/caramel)!

The next essential is a long sleeve T-shirt. We layer them under any short sleeve tee or polo to make our clothes cross into the cold weather season. You can do it with any coordinating color, but white is definitely a must!

Great cozy pajamas are a must! (Not so much for sleeping in, but super vital for pre-bed fun like roasting marshmallows on the fire pit or watching a movie!)

A robe is also a must for these boys who prefer to not wear clothes. It's super important: when they get cold, we have company, or as a costume piece like Yoda's outfit or Musketeer's cape!

Next must is a good pair of slippers! Jax is a big fan of these Stompeez b/c they "chomp" (mouths open & close) as you walk in them.

All Dunn men are big fans of the hoodie. Zip-ups are good, pull-overs are even better! How can you beat a hood & a kangaroo pouch in one clothing item?!

A Fall-to-Winter essential is a good pair of boots. When Spring/Summer 2013 arrived, I had to hide Jax's pair of these from last year. He adored them!! Mimi/My Mom just ordered this pair for both boys. (I'm praying John loves these as much as Jax did...I've got to get him into some shoes!!!)

S'mores are a Fall must! Duh!

The boys inherited their Daddy's love, adoration, & addiction to popcorn. It stays on their Essentials List.

While we're eating popcorn & s'mores, we LOVE to watch a fun movie as a family. One of Jax's faves is Scooby Doo & John's fave is Backyardigans. 
We plan to watch the Toy Story Halloween movie soon! (D & I may, or may not be, more excited than the boys!)

The next essential is a fun tent. Whether it's for camping outside with Daddy, or inside watching movies, a tent is a must for any boy!

Finally, an important piece of Fall (& any other season for that matter) is to have a good variety of costumes! Ours are not essential for Halloween, but instead, for everyday play! (We try to pick up a couple after Halloween while they're on sale.)

I'm excited to have lots of fun-filled Fall adventures with these rascals!!

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