Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Fun!!

We've been partaking in lots of fun Fall things!

The Great Pumpkin came while the boys were in Shreveport with my parents, so they had some fun Fall goodies waiting on them when they got home. (TGP mostly gets items they need for the season...jackets/hoodies, new shoes, warm pants, as well as a couple of non-essentials like their favorite candy, a movie, or a stuffed dachshund toy (Hot Dog Ruby) that a certain little brother kept stealing from a certain big brother causing many shrieking matches. Meet Hot Dog Ruby II! :)

TGP brought both boys books from this book collection that my friend Courtney introduced to me. They have most all of the fairy tales & they are illustrated cuter than any I've ever seen! Jax got The Three Billy Goats Gruff & John got Hansel & Gretel. This kept Daddy busy for quite a while!

The boys & I made cupcakes & decorated them. Then we took a few of them & some other goodies to our neighbor's house to "Boo" them! We really enjoyed that sneaky mission!!

The little fellas had a great time tailgating the other night. It was a really fun, cold night for some football. The way it should be! 

Having fun in Mom & Dad's room one night. 

The boys & I took a super-quick trip to see family while D was at the MS Baptist Convention. They had a fun time with the GranDunns & cousins!

We stopped by the Pumpkin Patch to take a couple of pics...thank goodness it wasn't to buy pumpkins b/c they were OUT! The boys did get a couple of "baby" pumpkins & had fun with the hay.

One meal when we were all having barbecue, Jax requested rice & shrimp with chopsticks. Since he was at Mimi's house guess what he had? Mmmhmm...

Hope you all are enjoying Fall this much!

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