Wednesday, May 1, 2013

J-A-X...That's My Name!

From the moment Jax was born, D wrote songs to sing to Jax. One song was his name song that only had one line, "J-A-X, that's my name; J-A-X, that's my name!" Because of this, Jax could spell his name pretty much after he learned to say, "Dada" & "Mama." (Plus, let's face it, it's not that hard.)

Because of that, his ability to speak so clearly, & just because I think he's smart-I assumed he would easily learn to write his name. Last Summer, my Mom & I began to practice with him. We realized that he was NOT ready, so we didn't try again until school started. He had girl friends whose names were MUCH longer who could write their names, so we tried was awful! He seemed completely clueless & couldn't care less!

So, imagine my surprise today when he just picks up a pen & writes J-a-x...& writes it again, & again. (It wasn't a fluke. I checked!)

My Mom was able to witness it too. (Which was great. She worked with him even more than I.) I told her that I didn't have any idea where he learned that b/c I had given up a while back!

Woohoo for today's accomplishment!

Here's the proof:

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