Friday, May 10, 2013

Enjoying the Small Things

One of my friends is always posting sweet pics of day-to-day things that she takes the time to really enjoy...savor...make the most of. I love that. Talk about living in the "right now."

Today was a typical Friday. Aka: busy! While I was out running errands for work, we were near a little restaurant I like & I had a random idea to take Jax out for a fun little lunch. 

It was yummy & when we were walking to the car he told me, "I sure had a fun time with you!" What a sweet baby.

Thank you Jesus for every little moment I get with my little ones.

Here are a few pics. Yes, I take pics anywhere & everywhere we go. Just ask D. He LOVES it! ;)

My fave pics are the bear pics. While we were eating, I told him I wanted to take a pic of him with the bear before we left. He wasn't too sure about that. He had a LOT of questions about the bear. When it was time to take the pics, he would NOT get close! (He WAS curious about what the bear had in his bag for lunch, but he was not turning his back to him!) These are as good as it gets.

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