Tuesday, May 21, 2013

9 Years Ago

Nine years ago today, I married Dustie Dunn. I am so happy that I can say that I love him more today than I ever have. Everything in life is more fun when we experience it together. I just love doing life with him.

What I love about him:
-he's a secret nerd
-he's a ninja :) (but for real)
-he miraculously sleeps on one square inch of our mattress every night, (because at least one kid always ends up in our bed!) & still manages to wake up hours before the sun to fit in his work out
-he knows me better than I know myself
-he's fun
-he's hilarious
-he's a strong leader
-he's NEVER complacent
-he's the voice of reason & steadiness to this crazy Filipina (he's the balance in our home)

Really, I can't explain our relationship much better than I did in this post.

Today I'm thankful for 9 years of life (the good, the bad, & the ugly!) with Dustie Dunn & I'm thankful for many more adventures to come!

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