Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bro. Floyd

Last Friday, the man who was my pastor all of my life (other than Dustie) finished his race & went to meet the Lord that he served his entire life.

Today was his memorial service & was much like a reunion for the many lives he impacted throughout his ministry.

Bro. Floyd was a member of my family before I was. I honestly think he attended more of my family's Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve dinners than I did. He was my Mom's Youth Pastor (yes, she has some great stories). I secretly called him "Uncle Floyd" to my family. :)  Dustie & I even named our firstborn after him! (Jax's middle name is Davis. It wasn't intentional, but what a wonderful namesake! It would be my joy for my son to be such a mighty man of God.) He's been a part of my life since before I was born, he was there for my Grandparents when my Mom eloped, when my brother & I were born, he preached my Pappaw's funeral, he performed my wedding, he was a steadfast part of my life.

Since Friday, I have reflected on a few things. One thing was how loved he made people feel. Much like I felt as if Bro. Floyd was a member of my family, so did many others. He just had a way in his ministry of truly loving you & doing life with you. Another thing I thought about was what an impact he had on the lives of so very many as their pastor. I have an entirely separate appreciation for that as a person in the ministry. He was an amazing example to any pastor that knew him & definitely a mentor to D. He was a successful & wonderful preacher, teacher, leader, administrator, & he truly lived his life above reproach. 

While I will miss him & am sad for my "home" church family, I can't help but be excited that I'm sure he has already heard his "well done" & is having a great reunion with his parents, my Pappaw, & many other loved ones that have gone before him.

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