Wednesday, June 17, 2015

John is Three

Today, my second baby is three!
For some reason, John seemed like he was in the baby stage much longer than Jax. I don't know if it's because he didn't have hair until recently :) or because we thought he would never talk or because I know what "big boy" is since Jax is half grown. But I've loved it.
I love "baby" stage, but toddler stage is so precious & fun too! Maybe I'm getting good at making each stage my favorite!
John is wild, fun, curious, adventurous, sensitive, rotten, super sweet, sneaky, hilarious, & yet another one of my kids that is like a cartoon to me. He loves to cuddle & sneak into our bed in the middle of the night. He loves to tell each of us in the family that he loves us. He's been a crazy Momma's boy since birth, but has grown to be almost equally a Daddy's boy over the last year.
A funny fact we've learned about John is how sweet & good he is when he's not at home. At home, he can be an aggressive bulldog, (he's bossed his brother around since birth) but everywhere else, he is sweet & a little shy. Ha!

John's first Shark Week ;)

The Big Bad Wolf & a Little Pig

John & PawPaw.

Love that noggin.

Daddy lovin

Swimming at Uncle's

He's always been really good at pouting. So stinking cute! (Don't tell him I think so!)

John & D share an affinity for popcorn.

Taking pictures. I have no idea where he learned this. Haha!

Staples at age 1. "Adventurous"

John & Halle. His girl I picked out for him. Haha.

The man looks good in a suit.

He loves super heroes even more than his "Bubba." Hulk is #1 (today, that is).

He has really surprised us & has done so great being a big brother. He loves Jeb so very much.

Nothing sweeter.

Faithful Father, Giver of life, I thank You for this precious boy. We celebrate this good & perfect gift from You. I thank You for knowing exactly who our family needed when You sent us John. I pray that You become his Savior & Lord very early in his life, that his heart will be soft & moldable to You, & I ask for blessing & Your favor over him. Be glorified through our little boy, John!

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