Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dr. Daddy's Graduation

Our family is so excited & proud that Daddy's hard work has paid off.

He is officially Dr. Dustie Dunn!

The third weekend in May, we spent all weekend celebrating Dustie's accomplishment. 

D in his regalia.

Our church friends captured our arrival to Leavell Chapel.

Jeb was super excited & proud.

John had a fun time with some of my jewelry.

Sweet boy.

D & his class walking in.

What a special day & special time! If you would like to see a snippet of his graduation, click the video link below.

So excited to be finished!

Dr. Dunn with Dr. Spinney, one of our favorite friends & mentors.
Fun Fact: Gevan was D's Youth Pastor & he also was one of the ministers who married us (The other one was my Pastor).
It was really fun for D to get to experience this with Gevan.

Yay PreacherHubs!!

The family of Dr. Dunn.

Proud Pops

D with his parents.

D with my parents.

D with some of our church family that came. It means so much that they came to cheer D on.

BB & SB came to cheer & celebrate with us.

Hilarious shot captured. Children definitely keep you humble. Jax wanted nothing to do with pictures or celebrating. All he wanted to do was climb a tree...so he asked non-stop.

Sweet Maggie Pearl trying to make Jax's wishes come true.

Dr. Daddy with Dr. John

Dr. Jax


The next day, our precious church family gave D a big celebration after our p.m. services.

It was so beautiful & personal.

We don't send our kids to church in their pajamas. The Preschoolers had their musical that night & it was called Pajama Party.

That morning, D told an anecdote. He told the church about our ride home - I was driving home after graduation so that D could relax & we were talking about how exciting this accomplishment was. I asked him if he felt any different & he said no...& then he looked down at his foot (his leg was crossed) & saw that he had a huge hole in his sock! He laughed & showed me & said that that really kept things in perspective. Well, some of our church people paid attention & the gifts of socks came pouring in! haha! & we are so thankful!

Monday morning we drove to Shreveport & D's family had a fun celebration dinner for him that night.

Jeb and Grandad.

Jeb thought the dinner was for him.

Jeb & Granny.

Jeb & Mrs. Rhonda

The boys had a fun time with their cousins.

& D got spoiled some more.

I'm so proud of my favorite Husband!

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