Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Smorgasbord of Our Life

I originally started this blog when I was pregnant with Jax. I started it to be a virtual scrapbook of sorts (since I'm a scrapbooking failure the past 6 years!). It's morphed into a journal & many other outlets for my brain, but it is still our scrapbook above all.

That said, here are 3,865,492 pictures of the people I love - doing fun things. ;)

Fun times at the park.

We LOVE a Sunday. Sunday nights are my favorite. We usually go out with fun church friends after church to get some dinner, celebrate the Lord's Day, fellowship, & just do life together.

John being John.

Disney on Ice Day

Mickey Jeb

Olaf Jax

Olaf John

John waving to Mickey

Super fun minion cookies we like to snack on.

We love Daddy.

John learned all the nursery rhymes ( :) at least it seems like it) at school this year & did the most adorable crafts to go along with them.

You can catch Itsy Bitsy Spider here:
& here:

Jeb is babbling & laughing. (This is him mid "coo.") Precious baby.

Here's a little bit of Jeb laughing: 

I got to make some little goodie bags for a Women's Ministry project. I love making Happies or Goody Bags.

A little Cinco de Mayo celebration.

I had to re-introduce myself to the treadmill. Now, to get in a routine!

Jeb decided he loves Lovies. He has a giraffe & a dinosaur.

Reason #8363894 that I love being a boy mom. I just sat my drink down for a second & came back to this. (#johnstrikesagain)

My men on Mother's Day. So blessed.

Lunch on Mother's Day.

Dinner on Mother's Day.

Mister Jax enrolled for Kindergarten.

One day of the last week of school we toured where he would go to school next school year.

He basically loved it & was ready to start the next day.

Me & my big boy!

End of school teacher gifts. Our class gathered gift cards to put in this plant to give our teachers.

John's class having their end of the year ice cream party.

John learned some gymnastics at school. (His teacher used to have her own studio.) Check out some of his moves!

John was so excited to give all his friends their "very own" bubbles & wands!

Jax at his party.

Jax & his best friend John. :)

Jax's Preschool Graduation
Check out the post here.

We kinda like the Avengers.

Hotel fun on Daddy's Graduation weekend.
Check out that post here.

Jeb's idea of hotel fun.

Jax eating raw oysters & loving them!

Jax's Choir Program

We took a trip to Shreveport to celebrate Daddy's graduation with family.

Silly John.

The boys loving on their buddy Hayden. Wish we could see him & his sweet family more often!

Pool fun at Mimi & Mitz's

Family Fun

Out to dinner. Jeb was so embarrassed that he & Uncle accidentally wore the same outfit.

Dinner on the lake = Uncle on nephew duty.

Some things I picked up while running errands with my Mom.

We had our 11th anniversary while D was in London & I was at my parents'.

Thankful I got to marry & do life with my favorite human.

He made lots of fun videos from London & sent them to me all day. Gold Star & Brownie Points, Husband! (He just pretends he's not romantic.)

Jeb hangin out

We took a little jaunt with Mimi & Mitz

Kids in a candy store...

...that also has ice cream

...good ice cream.

The guys.

Some sweet friends came to see us at my parent's house! We had a great visit.

Mimi snuggles!

We went to spend the day with cousins!

More swimming. Night swimming...

& day swimming.

Cute boogers

It's a hard life...


This is John's spot at Mimi & Mitz's. He loves just standing on that step & looking outside. (I wish time would slow down & he would grow so fast!!!)

After over a week apart, Daddy came home & so did we. He showered us all with gifts & goodies.

Our little Bobbies.

More friends stopped by for a visit when they were traveling through town. Fun times!

Right after those 2+ crazy weeks, we went right into VBS at church.

Here's my sweet little class.

John was all about saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag at VBS.

His sweet teacher let him lead his class in the pledge.

He made a tree!

Jax made a tree house in his class.

Family Night at VBS

One of my faves.

Jax singing with his class

John singing with his

Jax & John (his friend, not his brother)

Jax loved that his friend from school got to come to VBS at our church!

John being a lion!

This is what Jeb did all week of VBS.

Teacher goodies.

Jax's friend goodies.

John helped (or are) me make his friend goodies.

Bug catchers with gummy worms inside.

A sweet gift my class teacher gave me for helping! (Super cute bracelets. She knows me!)

My guys on the last day of VBS.
It was such a great week! Thankful for the salvations so far & the seeds planted!! Thankful for our precious church, leaders, & volunteers.

We have had a most excellent past few weeks & a really fun start to our Summer Vacation.

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