Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jax's Preschool Graduation

I was taken by surprise the Tuesday morning of the last week of school. I had been busy getting everything together for the end of the year party & teacher gifts & prepping for D's graduation (etc!) that I didn't stop long enough to think about my feelings. But that Tuesday morning in the carline I realized that that morning & the next two would be the last time we would do morning carline together like this with the 3 boys. D will take Jax to school next year on the way to work while I take John. Then, because of their age difference & the way the schools are set up, they won't go to school again until high school when Jax is a Senior & John will be a Freshman. (& then...I'm guessing I won't be dropping them off by carline!!)

I'm so thankful I chose to make carline a fun experience each day & I will treasure the great memories I have. (Yes...even when John threw up his muffins in my car  & I just had to wait my turn to get out of line & leave.)

Here they are that last week. Tuesday.



I decided my sadness mostly came from the loss of that fun phase in our life. I'm not sad for Jax to go to Kindergarten. I'm really excited for him. He loves school, he loves to learn, & he's more than ready. I'm also excited for the next phase for our family! (I've shared my friend's wise words repeatedly on here, "Let each age be your favorite.")

My parents were in town to go to D's graduation that weekend, so they got to see Jax graduate. Thank goodness, b/c Mister Jeb only made it through a little bit of it, then Mitz had to take him out of the sanctuary.

John watched the whole thing. I sure hope time slows down & we won't be having his preschool graduation for a while!!

The graduation program. They sang great songs.

Played handbells. (& really well!)

Recited poems.

& danced.

Here's Jax walking up to receive his certificate.

He gave a little wave. :)

Sweet boy!

They shared one last "SUPER FUN" dance.

& their teachers prayed over them.

Oh, his precious teacher, Ms. Wanda. I could write a whole post just about her & how much we love her. She's tops in Jax's eyes. We would be so sad if we were leaving her permanently, but she goes to church with us & she's "ours"!

Afterward, we took Jax out to dinner to celebrate & he got balloons & a couple of gifts!

He's showing the ring he got from his school with his cap & gown. D & I thought that was funny. A class ring for preschool!

Excited! We're so proud of Jax & all he learned this year!!

John-John got a small happy too because he had a great year in his 2 y/o class. He started out in diapers & finished the year in Avengers undies & super smart. 

We are so thankful to find such a great school with teachers who love our babies like we do!

We captured a couple of videos. Click below to watch!

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