Friday, August 2, 2013

We'll Celebrate the Day We Met Him

(This was written last night-August 2nd.).

As D has fallen asleep, I run to another room to journal. (Prayer journal. Think: kinda like my blog, but I unashamedly & probably not so eloquently spill my guts in there. It's one of my favorite ways to talk to the Lord.) Other than a few minutes here & there, this is my first time to be alone today.

I just poured my craziness out to the Lord & really just feel like blogging a little about it here. It's probably going to come out as stream-of-consciousness.

So much is going on in my crazy life lately. Today we added to that list. My 2nd childhood dog (Comet) went to Heaven. My family had 2 dogs when I was growing up. One, Prancer, was sort of my dog (until I moved away for college-then he kinda became Chris'). He was a Shih tzu & lived for a good long time. He died a few years ago. Comet was Brother's dog & I was against having him from the beginning. (I think b/c I didn't want Prancer to be sad...idk, I was young.) Because of that, I was determined early on not to be too close to Comet. I did pretty good...up until I graduated from college & started working for my family's business. I reluctantly realized that I loved the sweetest dog ever...& probably did all along.

Comet was 14.5. I've noticed over the past few months that he was aging quickly (I probably spent the most time with him lately since I'm always with him at the office.) Today was his time to go to Heaven. 

Other than tearing up when Jax cried a little & told me, "I'm gonna miss Puppy," I haven't allowed myself to think about it.
I tried to keep things light for the boys, the rest of my family, & the fact that if I did let myself cry, it would probably be an "ugly cry." 

Jax said it best when we were talking about Comet going to Heaven. He said with all 4 years of wisdom, "We'll celebrate the day we met him!" I have no idea where that came from. I'm sure some cartoon...but my little boy showed me such precious child-like faith. Yes, we will celebrate the day we met Comet.

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