Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We had a wonderful Christmas season! Y'all know I took #alltheChristmaspictures so I'm going to try not to be too wordy.

I saw this shirt & had to get it for Jeb. This was definitely his best Christmas ever. It was also his only Christmas ever. Ha!

These are my feet the day after Thanksgiving. We had such a great one!

My goal was to be intentional about not letting life get too crazy. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

Hot chocolate breaks.

Fancy lunches #heysanta

Pajama days

I often shopped until Jeb dropped.

Kringle came for a visit!

Jeb's nursery ladies made us lots of great Christmas crafts. My momma-heart LOVED them!

D turned 33!

All Jax wanted for Christmas was his TWO FRONT TEETH! (First two teeth lost!)

Fun family dinners.

& lunches

All the Christmas shopping.

All the Christmas candy.

Petal went to the State Championship!! That weekend Daddy went to the game while we stayed at home & watched it on tv & made a gingerbread house & gingerbread men & ninjabread men!

The boys played a game where Hoo was the Abominable Snow Hootie. (I love it!)

We looked for Daddy on the tv.

Our completed house!

Jax's guys.

John's guys.

My guys. (Our family!)

One Saturday in December we went to have breakfast with Santa. 

This was Jeb's 1st encounter. He had to check him out.

He was not a fan. Haha!

Later, I wanted "real" pics with Santa, so we went to the mall, of course!

Jeb still wasn't liking it. I love the pics anyway! Ha!

The boys got great elf hats.

Great Sunday afternoon naps!

D & I enjoy going to lots of church Christmas parties. Here we are going to D's Sunday School Christmas party.

We played Pie Face. So fun!

Especially when the SS teacher got pied.

Another Sunday in December, the Preschool & Children's choirs sang their Christmas music.

And then #PreacherHubs read the Christmas Story to them from the Bible.

Cookies & Cocoa after the Christmas musicals.

After that, we went to dinner with the Staff for (one of) their Christmas parties.
They also had an Ugly Sweater Competition the week before Christmas. (Pic above)

We went to The Plaid Rhino for the Staff Family Christmas Party.

They picked it "for the children".

Obviously. It was for the children. 

I love to squeeze in Christmas outfits every Sunday. (At least for as long as I can. Jax is already outgrowing my ways!)

The cool moment when you get to church & you match your friend!
Love these two.

Another fun Sunday night with church family.

Our 55 Alive group at church took a little road trip to Natchitoches one Thursday night. D & John tagged along while I stayed home with Jax & Jeb (Jax had school).

John did way too many fun things that we shall never tell his brothers! :)

My sweet Littles the Sunday before Christmas.

We put together little happies for all of Jeb's great nursery ladies. Lotion (got this great idea from one of my favorite bloggers-Jessica of Little Pumpkin Grace), chocolate, & some Christmas trail mix we made the night before.

The Sunday School teachers got a little gift & a tray of goodies we baked.

That night after church, we made our way to Natchitoches to have Christmas with the GranDunns.

We got there before midnight that Sunday night, then woke up the next day to go to Shreveport to have Christmas with D'a grandparents. If you've ever seen the movie "4 Christmases," we can sure feel like them!

Christmas #1 was Christmas with Grandad & Granny. We ate lunch there & visited & exchanged gifts with one aunt...

Then we went to dinner to have Christmas #2 with PawPaw & family. (Turns out, PawPaw was sick, but we enjoyed the aunts, uncles, & cousins!

Then we went back to Granny & Grandad's to have Christmas #3 with the rest of the aunts & D's sister & kids.

Beth brought a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. It was a great birthday cake for Jesus!

Then, we drove back that night to Natchitoches to have fun with the GranDunns!

We spent the next day hanging out & doing fun things! 
Jax & Buzz/Pudge were best buddies

Pops got the boys the biggest marshmallows ever.

Made Christmas cookies!

Watched Star Wars to prepare to see the new one.


Made Grinch kabobs

& opened presents! We stayed one more night, then left for home the next day.

This year's Christmas card!! We did a play on Instagram. We had a lot to share from 2015!

Just goofin off with the camera as Jeb would allow...

D made us a yummy steak dinner for Christmas Eve.

The boys & I baked cookies for Santa!

Jax & John put out some reindeer food for the reindeer!

Then off to bed!!

We had a fun Christmas breakfast on Christmas Day! We actually opened gifts first. (Duh, we couldn't hold them back!)

Excited little boys.

Excited me!

We enjoyed ourselves & had a relaxing day while we waited for Mimi & Mitz, Mammaw, Uncle & Aunt Sammy to get to our house.

& we had Christmas #5 with them. We ate & exchanged gifts. The next day, we drove to the beach for a fun vacation! (Next post!)

We had a beautiful Christmas!! 

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