Friday, December 25, 2015

School Christmas Fun

We are so fortunate to not only have wonderful schools for both boys, but also great teachers who obviously love them & invest in them.
I love that both teachers take pictures of my babies in their element & work to capture memories with them as if they were their own.
We had three short weeks of school between Thanksgiving & Christmas. Those weeks were filled with lots of fun Christmas activities & learning!

Shaving cream fun - one of John's favorite activities. 

I love this picture that John's teacher took.

Lunch dates with Jax. We took this pic for John because we knew he would be so excited to know that you can drink chocolate milk in kindergarten.

I had fun helping Jax's class make gingerbread ornaments.

Fun Christmas lunches.

Christmas #carlining

Party planning/"room momming" for the boys' classes.

Precious Christmas music by the preschoolers.

A fun Olaf Christmas party.

John's teacher got him a Christmas gift.
He was so excited!

We had a Whobilation for Jax's class party. I thought it was fitting considering their Christmas play.

What a fun three weeks we had!

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