Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jax's Kindergarten Adventures!!

We made it through the first full week of Kindergarten! 

The following pics walk you through our journey.

I just love back-to-school time. Always have. I loved shopping for school supplies (still do), preparing my outfit for the first day, & I even loved the nervous first-day jitters. (I know, I'm a nerd.)

We finished all of the registration process. Can I get an, "Amen," for online registration?!

We prepared a gift & a school "survival kit" to take to Jax's teacher on "Meet the Teacher Day."

We're so excited Jax has Mrs. Robinson! We have prayed about this time for a long time now, & know that God has great plans for this year.

First day details. ;)

First lunch details.

Before school.

John was still asleep (which was really surprising for him), but Jeb got to tell Brother to have a great day. 

Can't believe he's so big.

Walking to class.

Greeting his teacher. Mrs. Robinson asked Jax if he was nervous. He told her, "A little bit." & she whispered in his ear, "It's ok, I'm a little nervous too." (Cue the tears!) What a precious, loving teacher!

We were so excited to know that Jax has some friends from Asbury in his class & one friend from church.

He & his friend Kaylee are really good buddies.

I love it because she is so sweet.

I couldn't wait to pick up my boy that first day so that I could hear all about it. As soon as he got in he said, "Today was AWESOME!!" He really loves it!

His brothers miss him a whole lot, but I'm very proud of how well John has handled this change.

Some of Jax's work from the first day.

Daddy took us out to eat that night to celebrate.

Here are a few more details from the first full week. 

His teacher made a class Facebook page & I'm loving getting to see the things they do! Yay for technology!

They tasted coconut meat & milk.

Here's his sweet little class.

The greatest thing about last week was that Jax got to move his clip up to the head of the caterpillar (his class' conduct chart) & he got to pick a goodie from the treasure box.

Friday night was the big football jamboree. 

This season will be even more fun because we finally have a true Panther!

This Sunday was Panther Pride Sunday at our church. The city of Petal revolves around the school system. The entire school district is huge grounds for ministry.

Sunday morning Panther paraphernalia! We are thankful for our friends at A1 Graphics who keep us in Petal red from head-to-toe!

What a privilege & honor to pray over our Superintendent, Administrators, Teachers, & Students!

We're already into our second full week. Although last week sometimes seemed to drag, looking back, it flew by. 
This week, Jax still absolutely loves everything at school, but he has decided he is not into these early mornings! Haha, my poor little night owl.
I look forward to all of Jax's exciting Kindergarten Adventures. Y'all know we'll share them with you all.

So proud of my Kindergarten Panther!

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