Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jeb's 1/2 Birthday!

Jebby Jebberton is 6 months old today!
He is SUCH a joy! Never have I seen a happier baby. 

He's checking to see how old he is. ;)

He's loving his hand-me-down Converse!

We gave him a little celebration this past weekend.

How nice of him to turn 6 months so that the rest of us could have cake! 

We love our precious boys!!!

Me with my Favorites!
Finally used my selfie stick!! D used it like a pro!

These next pics are just "lagniappe," as we say in Louisiana.

^ Jax at his 1/2 birthday.

^ John at his 1/2 birthday.


Jeb's growth month-to-month:


Jeb's growth week-to-week. (Or Sunday-to-Sunday 😜)

We are completely blessed by this precious life! Thank You God for this time with Jeb!

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