Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mister Jeb

We just celebrated Jebber's first month out of my tummy, so I figured I have a lot of pics, etc. to share with our friends & family.

First off, a small bit about his birth...
We opted to induce just a few days before Jeb's due date. There were a lot of reasons for this-one being that all my babies would rather just stay in my tummy for as long as they can, & another reason was so that my Mom could plan to come & stay & help me with Jax & John while we were in the hospital.

We were scheduled to go in on a Monday night. PreacherHubs decided to take me out on a quick date before check-in. This gave me a yummy "last meal" & also gave us some time to try to relax & catch our breath before the non-stop whirlwind of events that were about to ensue...& still haven't stopped since ;)

Favorite Husband let me pick where I wanted dinner, so I picked my big craving (pregnant or not:)) Olive Garden! 

We went to the hospital to check-in.

In the Labor & Delivery room. Here's our stuff. Yikes...haha.

This is where I took a picture of my IV so that I could document the worst part of having a baby. (Yeah...I had no idea what was in store.)

Hubs in his "rightful" place. He slept pretty great that night. (He had a super hard day earlier, so I wasn't surprised.)

The next morning, the nurse "woke me up" (I didn't really sleep) & let me freshen up for the day of labor. Call me crazy, but I already miss being pregnant.

I can't stand a "selfie," but was thankful for a way to document my excitement. (It's especially helpful when your husband is still asleep, or if yours is like mine, & won't take 15 pics of you so that you can pick the one you hate the least!)

My babies always come fast after induction, so we told everyone to come before noon. Belle Belle sent me this pic that morning.

& here are my babies in the waiting room.

This is the gap in pictures where I am having a baby. This birth story is not as easy & beautiful as my other two. Basically, my epidural didn't work. (It only numbed part of one leg.) 

I always talk about how my babies teach me so much about God. Jeb is no different, he came out preaching. My biggest lesson & reminder that God has shown me over & over through my third baby is that I am not in charge! (I absolutely have a blog post running through my mind. More on that another day.)

Here's my sweet boy.

In love.

The boys in the room ready to meet their brother.

4 out of 5. John just woke up from a nap, was afraid of the bed & my IV, & knew that I didn't look right, so he was having no part of this.

Jeb got a present for his Super Big Brothers. Super Heroes that look like them!

Here's another picture gap in the timeline. Things continued to not go as planned. I had Jeb at 12:01 that day & we didn't get to leave Labor & Delivery until after 9 pm.

No matter how far things veered off of the path of my plan, I was overcome with awe & gratitude that God gave me another precious, healthy baby. 

The next day, the boys went back to school. (My wonderful Mom helped me keep them in their normal routine.) After school, she picked them up & they all brought us lunch.

I made a point to be out of bed & in my regular clothes for John when they got there. That made all the difference in the world. 
He played with my bed this time. He "magically" raised & lowered it while D & Jax were in it. He still was NOT getting on it. Haha!

It was like John had an epiphany at one point. He looked at Jeb while we were changing his diaper & he saw that Jeb was wearing the same shirt he was (it was on under his hoodie). This was something he's used to & something that brothers did. I feel like it sealed the deal for him. From that point on, he has loved on Jeb & grown more & more interested in him. (Thank You, Jesus!)

Jax is a natural big brother. I am in awe of how helpful Jax is.

Our sweet friends & family spoiled us with so many goodies. Here are some of them.

We stayed in the hospital for 48 hours & then we got to go home! (D dressed Jeb in his going home outfit fyi.) I forget just how small newborns are.

When we got home, the boys had only been home from school a little while. They had their Valentine's Day party at school, so they were dressed in their Valentine shirts, so Jeb joined in the fun.

Get used to these photo sessions, Little One. :)

I can't stop trying to capture what I see when I look at him. Pictures don't do justice.

I'm smitten.

Sweet Little.

He's already a super smiley child. D & I both were, so it's neat to see this in a baby that you would think doesn't know what to smile about yet. 

The big brothers are pretty smitten too.

This was John's first time to hold him. Now, he won't stop asking to hold him & "see his eyes."

Dunn Super Brothers

So thankful.

The Billi Blanket. Our Gloworm. Just another part of God showing me that I'm not in control.

His cord fell off! What a sweet little button.

Napping so good.

Silly Snowman

I'm just soaking it all up & loving being able to be/do who God created me to be/do.

Jeb has only been here for a month, but it's so neat how he belongs with us & how it seems like he always has.

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