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Disney Adventures!! (Part 2)

This post continues (& concludes) our Disney trip. If you missed the first post, check it out here. I'm amazed at all the great things we squeezed into our trip & yet, there is so much more to see & do! What a super fun place to visit & there's truly nothing like getting to see it through the eyes of your own kids.

Disney Day 4:

On this day, we woke up crazy early to get to Hollywood Studios when it opened to try to sign Jax up for Jedi training. That was the one big thing that he was hoping to get to do.

When the park opened, D & Jax ran off to get in line to sign-up, while John & I picked up a stroller & walked around for a little bit. Just a few minutes later we met up with D & Jax & he was signed up for Jedi training!! He was so excited & we were excited for him.
All of our Fast Passes were for later in the day, so we just wandered around Hollywood Studios to see what we could get into. It was not crowded at all. We really enjoyed it.

We wandered our way into the Toy Story section & met a soldier.

We played around with Toy Story props.

John strapped to a rocket!

Then we got to meet Buzz & Woody!!

Again, the greatest characters!

This meeting was a big deal. 
The boys love the movies & Buzz Lightyear's ride was their favorite ride of all.

After that, we found the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids set playground!

Jax thought this playground was great.

Sliding down a leaf!

Riding the ant. (Notice the HUGE oatmeal cream pie behind him.)

After that, we grabbed a quick bite to eat & Mimi & Mitz met up with us to watch Jax's Jedi training.

Jax & eleven others were chosen to have Jedi training.

Here he is receiving some instruction from seasoned Jedis.

Out of nowhere, Darth Vader dropped in to thwart the training plans! 
Each jedi-in-training got to try his/her hand at fighting DV!

(This is the part where we were praying Jax wouldn't turn to the Dark Side. ;)
His favorite Star Wars characters are all the bad guys. 
He even had Darth Vader on his shirt that day...Mom fail...)

Jax did so great!

I'm sure no one is surprised, but he's quite skilled with the light saber. :)

After all the jedis-in-training got to fight Darth Vader, they used the Force to get rid of him!

After, Jax received his Jedi certificate! 
(To be framed in his room if anyone wants to see. lol)

After that, D & Jax went on the Star Tours ride.
John wasn't big enough for this one, so Mimi, Mitz & I took John to a different ride.

After watching brother, John kept saying that it was his turn to fight Darth Vader (as he practiced his punching & kicking).
He wasn't old enough to this trip (4-12 y/os). Jax said that he was going to put John through Jedi training next time we go to Disney. :)

We met up with D & Jax, had lunch, then took the boys to build their own light saber.
(another greatly anticipated activity)

John wanted to make a blue one & Jax wanted to make a green one.

They got to pick the handles & pieces & put it together.

Super proud two-year-old!

Jax's turn!

Woohoo! He didn't have a green one. (bless his heart...)

The boys also got special Jedi robes. They are decked out.

After those adventures, we went to see Beauty & the Beast.

It was wonderful.

But we were slightly exhausted...

We made a quick stop to meet Jake.

He had the coolest autograph! 
(It included a drawing of a sword.)

& then, we stopped to see Mickey AGAIN!
(New outfit! lol)

Again, he was happy & magical!

The boys had their picture taken with Olaf ;)

Us in front of the famous Hollywood Studios hat.
We had to get a pic b/c they're in the process of taking it down!

Then we went to the room for a much needed nap!!

After that, we headed to Chef Mickey's for dinner in the Contemporary Resort.

We met Chef Goofy

John's excited face haha!

Chef Pluto hugs!

The boys had been waiting to see him!

& little did we know, so was Mitz.
This really cracked us up!

He wanted a picture w/ Pluto too. He's his favorite. Who knew!?!

Chef Donald

Chef Mickey! Happy, happy.

Chef Minnie.

Then, during the dinner, they play a song & all the characters grab a napkin & spin it around in the air. That's what's happening here (napkin twirling).

The boys got into this part! 

& then, we rode the monorail & shuttle back to the resort.

We were dunzo for the day!

Ain't no tired like Disney-tired!

Disney Day 5:

Day five was our last full day at Disney. I purposefully didn't plan anything other than dinner, so that we could go do the things that we really liked or wanted to do before we left.

We started out at Animal Kingdom. 
Jax really wanted to see a gorilla, so we trekked back to Africa to see if we could see one.

The Lord showed His favor & let my baby see a huge gorilla.

He was out munching on a bush. 
He was only out for a few minutes & it was exactly while we were there to see him!
His side & back were to us for the most part. 
I wanted to see his face better, but the boys were quite impressed with his back side. :)

After that, we decided to have lunch at Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom.
This was not on the original itinerary b/c we can do it outside of Disney.

But we had to each lunch somewhere & this is the boys' favorite restaurant, 
so Mimi & Mitz wanted to take us there.

We all shared the volcanoooooo! after lunch. 

After Animal Kingdom, we headed to Magic Kingdom to play in Tomorrowland a little more.
Jax's very favorite ride of the trip was the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, 
so we wanted to ride it again.

So we did! Now that Mimi & Mitz knew it was keeping score, they decided to play!

John & I shooting away. lol

D & Jax being waaaay too into it. Again.

When we finished, we got outside & it started raining...so we decided to do the ride again! 
The line wasn't long & it was inside, so win-win!
We got to ride for a long time this time b/c the ride stopped for some reason. 
We couldn't have been stopped in a better place. The guns were still working & we were amidst the biggest target spot, so we racked up the points!

This time, we knew what point the ride took pictures, so we tried to smile. 

Or not smile. ;)

Our dinner was in Magic Kingdom, so we shopped around the fun shops until then.

We got the boys Disney shirts & we got this year's ornaments from 
Ye Olde Christmas Shop in Frontierland.

Jax picked a Toy Story themed Mickey Hat ornament.

John picked a Winnie the Pooh themed Mickey hat ornament.

& D & I wanted to stick with the boys' theme, so we got a Mickey hat ornament too.
This one represents all of the parks.

We had dinner at Crystal Palace & we got to meet Winnie the Pooh & his friends again!
Silly Piglet.



Pooh Bear

Again, Mitz surprised us & needed a pic with another fave - Tigger!

Another super-cute dessert! Chocolate Mousse Cookies. 
It was so yummy & way cute!!!

We took our time leaving Magic Kingdom, since it was our last night. 
Mimi bought the boys' balloons she had promised them all week. (pictured...still floating high!)
It "snowed" (a beautiful bubble concoction) on us on our way down Main Street.

It was the perfect ending to our magical trip!

Disney Day 6:

Mimi & Mitz left super early on day six, so that they could catch their flight home.

We slept in a little bit, got brunch at our resort restaurant, & headed home.

We're already looking forward to our next trip there. We can't wait till Jeb is old enough.
& John is already preparing to defeat Darth Vader in his Jedi training!

We're so thankful we got to have this magical experience!

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