Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Eve was really fun & relaxing for us. We just enjoyed staying home & spending time as a family.

Christmas Eve night, the boys exchanged gifts that they picked out & bought for each other.

Jax got John a blue plane & a green plane that he has been wanting. John got Jax a Turbo race track. 

They both loved their gifts.

Look at this lovin'. We could have been finished with Christmas right then. Thankful for my precious babies!

The boys set out reindeer food that they made at school. Then they quickly went to bed. Jax was way excited. They usually watch a little bit of a movie or cartoon before bed, but Jax said, "Ok, No iPad!" Haha.

The boys woke up around 3 am. John got in bed with me & D went to lay down with Jax.

Since they woke up so early, they ended up sleeping until 9ish.

We love exchanging presents, of course. But my & D's favorite part is checking out stockings.

Yay for candy & toothbrushes! Haha

Historically, my stocking is filled with many exciting & creative items that I LOVE. I laughed, b/c I think my stocking stuffer shops for me like I'm a little girl. (& he would be right on the money b/c I LOVE my goodies!)

But my very favorite things I get in my stocking every year are oranges & walnuts. 
It MAKES Christmas for me b/c that's something my Pappaw always did for me at his house when I was a little girl. He loved everything about Christmas & made it feel so magical to me. I'm reminded of that magic when I see the oranges & walnuts. 
I also love that my stocking stuffer listens to me & knows that about me & is thoughtful enough to recreate that for me. 

After we exchange gifts, we have a special Christmas breakfast. 

We had an omelet, gingerbread-Mickey shaped pancakes, bacon, & a few sweets.

Hootie tried to get in on the breakfast action.

Don't worry, he got a yummy Christmas breakfast too.

While we ate, PreacherHubs read the Christmas Story to us from Luke 2.

The boys played with their toys after breakfast while D & I picked up the house & got ready to meet up with the family later on.

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve & Day!!

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