Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas with the GranDunns!!

We went to Natchitoches the week before Christmas to spend some time with D's family. We had such a great time.

Present craziness. D has a big family. Lol.

My imaginative men got some new dress-up stuff! Cowboy Jax

& not to be outdone by big brother...

Cowboy John.

They got new fishing poles!

& Pops taught them how to cast.

We spent a lot of time lovin.

Day 2 of our adventure, we went to visit all the boys' Great-Grands. Here we are at Granny & Grandad's.


More lovin' (with some wrestling mixed in).

Cousin fun

Messing with Grandad.

Lovin on Granny.

& more lovin'

Cousins ready to open some presents.

Oh yeah! Yay for Ninja Turtle pajamas with masks!!

Yay for getting that crazy thing we saw on a commercial & decided we just "had" to have!

Sweet Littles.

Late that day, we had dinner with PawPaw & Pops' side of the family. It was so wild, I didn't get any pictures!

We went back to Pops & Belle Belle's & quickly put on our TMNT pajamas.

& our cowboy stuff

The boys got a shooting game from the GranDunns. It was a hit!

We enjoyed a few days with our sweet family in their beautiful city. 

So thankful for our fun Christmas celebration with them!

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