Tuesday, October 14, 2014

School Days, School Days...

The boys have been in preschool for over a month now & they are loving every second!

Super fun early mornings.

They sometimes want "Sunday pictures" on school days. Silly boys.

Jax is loving everything about school. He has the sweetest teacher who makes each day fun, but overall, Jax just loves to learn. His handwriting has improved & he's decided that he really likes to draw.

John was my shocker. I knew Jax would love school, but John has always been a little more clingy to me. Not one time has he hesitated or even not wanted to go to school. He also loves his teacher. Lots of days I'll ask him who he plays with & for the longest time his only answer would be- Ms. Connie. haha! He's now adding more friend's names such as Addie (also a church friend) & Mason. His vocabulary has grown since being in school & he's starting to speak more clearly.

This was John's first homework ever. He had to take a few things to school that tell about him. He took: a Cheetos bag, Scooby Doo gummies wrapper, pictures of some of his favorite super heroes, & a blue crayon to represent his favorite color!

They want to play school on their days off.

Fun times packing their lunch :)

Jax LOVES to be the line leader. It's kind of a big deal in preschool. He was the line leader today.

Their school did a pecan fundraiser recently (the only one they do) & Jax's class sold the most! They won a pizza party for selling the most, as well as an ice cream party since everyone in their class sold some pecans.

Early mornings mean early bed times. This was a rude-awakening for the little men! Until now, they have pretty much gone & done whatever D & I had to do. Not too much has changed, but we make our best effort on a school night to get to bed a little earlier than usual.

Part of our bedtime routine. We tell, or read a Bible story, or do one on the YouVersion Kids Bible App. Then we'll sing a song or two (this is how we learn some of the songs the boys sing at school). Then we all take turns praying.

I can't say enough good things about their Bible App! 
We think the boy peeking out from behind Jesus looks like Jax. :)

I've been stealing pics of John a lot of days during his after-school nap. They wear him out!

Just a small happy the boys gave their teachers. We love to spoil them!

A peek into our future. I'm room mom for both boys' classes. The Fall Fest is quickly taking over my dining room table!

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