Friday, October 31, 2014

Retreat, Trunk-or-Treat, Zoo Boo, Fall Fest, & the Rest of the Halloween Hullabaloo!!

Here's another picture fest of what we've done to enjoy Fall.

Friend Time - 

I enjoyed a little night out to celebrate my friend Jenn's birthday!

We went to eat at a restaurant we had never been to - Patio 44. We all ordered a different meal & then ate family-style from each plate. Super, most fun way to eat out!

It was really good. Hattiesburg has so many great restaurants.

We ended up befriending the chef & he sent 4 different desserts out for us to try. 

Ladies Retreat - 

Last week/weekend was consumed with retreat planning. This is a small group of us that went to Sam's to get the food for the weekend.

We saw other church friends while we were there. We had too much fun in Sam's!

I was a failure when it came to taking pictures last weekend :( We were so wrapped up in the great things happening.

I took a random pic of some of the food. We ended up with a  ton left, but we were able to donate it to the Fieldhouse ministry to homeless people. That was another great aspect of the retreat.

Trunk-or-Treat -

My parents brought the boys back just in time for Trunk-or-Treat Sunday!

My little Skeleton & Scooby Dooby Doo were super cute.

They had the best time.

Our church people are precious & spoil them way too much. :)

Other Fun - 

We took Mom/Mimi out for birthday lunch while they were in town since we didn't get to celebrate on her birthday.

Then, we did a little shopping for their new house.

Zoo Boo -

Then we went to the zoo to check out Zoo Boo!

Train ride.

Fun games.

& ended the night with a Scooby Doo Kid's Meal. (way too spoiled by the Grands!)

Fall Fest - 

The boys wore different costumes that they already had to their school Fall Fest.
This was one excited Captain America & Super John!

We had lots of fun. PreacherHubs helped me SO much.

Trick-or-Treating - 

We're not super big Trick-or-Treaters, but it's one of the few nights we get to visit with our neighbors & we love that part. We just went down our street & to a couple of other houses of friends nearby.

We were back to Skeleton & Scooby Dooby Dooooooo!

Boo Breakfast - 

This morning we had a Boo Breakfast (courtesy of our local donut shop).

Then we had to go use up our silly string!

John was pretty pleased with himself. :)

Tonight we all went to tailgate before the game. John & I went home while PreacherHubs & Jax stayed for the game. GO PANTHERS!!

We have had a ridiculous amount of fun so far this Fall!!

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