Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fine Fall Fun!

Just wanted to share a picture-heavy post of some of the fun Fall things we've been doing!
We Dunns really love Fall.

One of our favorite Fall treats: Apple Nachos

We thought this was a super cute thing Jax did at school. He measured himself in pumpkins. 
Jax is 11 pumpkins tall!

Both boys stayed at school for "Stay & Play" the other day. They love their school.

We took sack lunches of some of their favorites.

The boys have buckets of fun to give their school friends this week.

They really enjoyed picking out a few things to put in the buckets & them filling them.

We enjoyed the homecoming parade last week.

This is our friends' sweet dog Noel. John called him WooWoo (HooHoo) the whole time.

Here are the fellas on the hayride at Mitchell Farms on their field trip.

Momma & John on the Hayride. 

The boys had a blast at Tiny Town at Mitchell Farms.

Just like Daddy.

Just like Mimi.

Jax's favorite spot-the Hay Pile. He made hay angels. :)



Jumped a lot. It was too fun!

Love this.

Jax's next favorite spot - The corn barn.

Train ride fun!!

This was John's favorite spot.

John's next favorite spot - the rope swing.

Super fun.

The grand slide!

The cutest baby pigs!!

So sweet.

Jax is King of the Tires!


Dad's so corny! Haha!!

Love my sweet Littles!

The boys showing off the pumpkins they picked from the patch!

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