Thursday, July 11, 2013

John-John's Birthday Fun

John has had quite a few birthday celebrations himself.
We had his family birthday dinner at my Parents'. (He's not old enough to know the joys of Chuck E. Cheese...thank goodness!)

We are singing Happy Birthday to him. 

Notice the slice missing BEFORE the party. I opened the cake to look at it & take a picture of it & John whined for a bite for 5 minutes. We finally decided that it was his birthday, it was ok that we didn't wait for everyone to get there. Ha! Sorry Mammaw!

John got a couple of presents. One was a fun elephant shape sorter that he LOVED!

This week we had dinner with the Bowers & Mrs. Sherre made John a super yummy cake to get into!

I think he liked it. :)

They also got him a great race track that does loops & flips with Little People & Cars. John had to play in the box while D put it together.

We are so blessed by our family & friends & this super cool one-year-old.

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