Sunday, July 28, 2013

HeMan/Jax is Four!

Last weekend was Jax's much anticipated (basically b/c he wanted his Castle Gray-skull cake) HeMan birthday party.

I made him a party shirt to wear & at times he accessorized with part of his HeMan costume that Mrs. Sherre made him.

This party was super low-key with just a few small snacks in addition to the expected cake & cookies from Southern Charm Cakery.

When I ordered the cake & cookies from my friend Stacie, I told her that her stuff was pretty much the main attraction of the party. She did NOT disappoint!! 

This cake has sentimental value to Dustie. His Meme was a cake baker/decorator & she made him a Castle Gray-skull cake for one of his little birthdays. I gave Stacie a picture for inspiration. She blew us away with her talent.

She delivered amazing looking goodies that tasted equally amazing!

We had a couple of activities they could do: design a sword or princess wand.

They also played on our church's great playground.

Jax got way too many goodies. We are so blessed!

The party favor was a bubble sword so every kid could be a HeMan or SheRa.

We had a really great day of fun & fellowship with our family & some of our closest friends. I'm incredibly thankful for the people God has put in our lives.

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