Friday, January 4, 2013


Most of the time I love change. I love each season change. I love fresh starts. I'm so thankful for the Lord's mercies each new morning.

I'm excited for this new year & all the fun it will bring. I really feel like I ended 2012 in a good way, which means I'm already in a good place starting 2013.

Starting this Sunday, our church will be challenged to participate in 21 days of prayer & fasting. We will be going through a prayer book along with many churches in our association, as well as doing the Daniel fast. Dustie & I (as well as our Youth Pastor & his wife, Blake & Lori) started the fast this week. Just for future reference, & for any church friends who participate, this website is an awesome resource:  There are a BUNCH of yummy looking recipes. I'll let y'all know which ones the Dunns try.

Some of my goals for this new year:

-To live by the verse John 3:30 "He must increase, but I must decrease."
-Bible Study: The past 3 years I have done a "read through the Bible in a year" plan, but towards the end of last year, I felt convicted to do more in-depth Bible study, so that is my plan for this year. I plan to study a book of the Bible at a time (in any order, until I get through the whole Bible-& yes, I know this will take way more than a year to do).
-To work on being my best in all areas of my life: wife, mom, daughter, sister, minister, teacher, etc. I've already started working on this a bit w/ the wives of D's accountability partners (I guess that makes them my accountability partners!). We are currently working through the Resolution for Women Bible Study & I love it!
-To be a good home manager: cook more, be wise at planning our calendar, manage our money well, etc.
-To be more active! & include my kids in an active lifestyle.
-To be more giving of my time, resources, offerings & to look for opportunities to give.

What are your goals? I'd love to hear!

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