Sunday, January 6, 2013

Delicious Daniel Dinner #3

I'm sure my Daniel Dinner posts won't be every day, it's just been easy over the weekend (& while I'm feeding John). We will be having reruns of some of these meals just to make life easy (& we really liked the spaghetti: delicious & filling).

I will definitely post when it's convenient & when we find a recipe we love.

Tonight was another adventurous afternoon/night with a teething baby, so we threw together a yummy meal when D got home from church.

We baked a sweet potato for all of us to share, boiled some okra (which is a fave of mine anyway), & D roasted some potatoes for us (He quartered red potatoes w/ a little olive oil, salt, pepper, & garlic. Your favorite seasonings will taste great on it.) Jax & D also had a bunch of cherry tomatoes.

Afterward, we had a yummy strawberry banana smoothie (strawberries, bananas, ice, water just to get it to mix, & a little bit of honey for more sweetness).

John skipped dessert & clean-up & decided to take a nap instead. (finally!!!)

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