Tuesday, January 29, 2013

He's Still Working on Me

I don't know about you other Daniel fasters, but God has been alive & well & working hard in my life since the fast.

During the fast, the Bible Study was great & I really enjoyed it, but since the completion of the fast, I've been showered with blessings, Biblical revelations, barriers (that I didn't know I had) have been demolished, & LOTS more. Many others I've spoken to had similar results.

Since the beginning of the fast, through now, God has been going through my life & "cleaning it out" so to speak. Since the fast, God has convicted me to give up watching the two TV shows I actually watched & loved, as well as my BELOVED morning radio show. I wrestled with God over what seemed like such trivial things, but decided that I wanted to be obedient. Since giving them up, I've learned a little more about why. While these things on their own are not bad things, & pretty trivial, God has blessed my obedience & I'm seeing that He wanted me to take advantage of any moment I have & to fill it with Him. An awesome quote I heard on the radio was, "The more God you put into yourself, the more like God you will be." That's exactly what it's about! As a "Baby Mama" (& toddler Mama), time (especially time to myself) is pretty much non-existent, so I must make strides to fill any time I do have with Him. (More cool Mom-Revelation in a post to come!)

Another thing God's doing: This year I wanted to be more giving & to seek out opportunities to give. All I can say is...God took me seriously on that one!! An amazing (& extremely good-looking) preacher I know said in a sermon recently, "God doesn't usually ask you to give in times of plenty." That's so true, in order for Him to stretch me & grow, He wants me to rely on faith, or sacrifice. He's been revealing needs that I can help meet (to the point of telling me how much to give, as well as what to give up so that I can give it) & so far, it's been by me sacrificing.

Lots more changes are happening in my spiritual life & I am so thankful for a Creator who continues to work on me each day.

"He's still working on me.
To make me what I ought to be.
It took Him just a week to make the moon & the stars, the sun & the earth & Jupiter & Mars.
How loving & patient He must be.
Cause He's still working on me."

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