Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Greatest of These

Lately, I have been utterly captivated with the love that the Father has for me.
As a wife, I discovered a love that can only be found when you agree to love & be with the person you were created for. [More on my romantic love story another time :)]
As a parent, my soul has developed a love for my two little boys that is so deep & strong, there's no way it comes from this world. Before I was pregnant with John, I couldn't comprehend being able to love another child of mine. I felt as if every single ounce of love in my heart was used up on my husband & Jax. Dustie & I even asked friends who had their second baby right before we did, "How do you love more than one?" They didn't know & couldn't put it into words & here I am in the same predicament.
All I can muster is that the love we have for our children is completely from God. I feel that God gave us our spouses & children to help us discover the love that He has for us.
John has now been a part of our family for over a year (3.5 months in our arms & not my belly) & I'm back to having every ounce of my love consumed by the three men in my life. I can't remember not loving them all.
During the process of giving these people over to God [another topic I'll talk about another time], I am reminded of God's love for His children. More importantly, I'm reminded of God's love for me.
I'm a dummy y'all. I mess up all the time & my God loves me even more than this incomprehensible love I have for my men.
We just finished studying Abraham in Mission Friends & Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac is such a sobering picture of the Father's love for us! He gave his Son! (John 3:16) The Son HE loves with his entire being, because He loved me that much too (John 15:9) & wanted to pay for all the mistakes I've made & will make (Romans 5:8) so that I will never have to be without Him.
Talk about a love I cannot fathom...

1 John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God...

If you do not know this incredible love that God created you to know, let's talk.

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  1. You're amazing! I'm so proud to call you daughter! And so you understand my love for you and Chris. You're right. It's a God thing! Love you, sweetie, Mom.