Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Appreciating Feeling Appreciated

The Dunn Mommy & boys are having a great evening! Daddy has been out getting a little hunting in. John has had a fun night swinging, eating, & napping. Jax has been about 4 different super heroes & rambunctious! I have been addressing baby shower invitations & making some goodies for Mission Friends tomorrow night.
Our dinner was just dropped off. No, we're not wealthy enough to have a dinner service, nor do we have a personal chef. Ha! We don't even have restaurants here that deliver! Sweet friends from our church made us dinner & just delivered it!
This month is Pastor's Appreciation month & we have had a meal provided by our church family every week! We also get a fun reception next Sunday night after church. The greatest thing is, we are always cared for & loved on this way. D & I often talk about how fortunate we are that God placed us at this church.
Part of why these meals, cards, & gifts mean so much to me is because my love language is gifts. Receiving a gift from someone speaks to my heart, but there's nothing I love more than GIVING!
Today, I put together some goodies for Jax's Mission Friends teachers (the other 2 gals I teach with), Fall goodies for the kids, & a pumpkin carving family activity. I can't wait to give it all away!!
The following are pictures of the goodies:
-A Reeses Pieces tube with a gift card to Starbucks
-Mission Friends goodies (cup, straw, "ghoul-aid," a free frosty coupon, fangs & candy)
-A small pumpkin with a Pumpkin Prayer activity. (Free printable here: http://www.christianpreschoolprintables.com/Pages/BibleMinibooks/BibleMinibookPumpkinPrayer.html)

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