Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Today was Jax's Fall Fest at Mother's Day Out. I chose his & John's costumes for Fall pics, but I let Jax choose his costume for school. Jax decided he needed to be a Ninja Turtle. (Michelangelo for those who care.)
I love how D has gotten Jax into the cartoons he watched when we were little. I really don't love the quality of most cartoons these days. I do love that Jax is such an individual & decides to like things he likes. (Heman, Thundercats, Ninja Turtles...) The only con is that this stuff is vintage, so if you want to get any paraphernalia it costs more, or it doesn't exist anymore.
Anyway, "Jaxelangelo" had a great day! His(my) task was to bring sandwiches for their party. He took sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls: smoked turkey w/ cheddar & provolone, & chicken salad (which was from a yummy rant...I cheated). His treats he took for his class friends were rice crispy ghosts.
What a fun day! Can't wait for our church's Fall Family Fun Fest tomorrow!!
Well, The Great Pumpkin comes tonight & I have one excited Jaxelangelo at the moment who needs a little "encouragement" to go to bed.

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