Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jolly Old Saint Nick!

Ok! These are the last of the "catch up" pictures! This will finish out the adventures from 2010!

Here Jax is waiting in line to see Santa. He was SO EXCITED!
He kept saying, "Tanta, Tanta!"

& this is his awesome reaction when he finally gets to see Tanta! :)

Jax's stocking was stuffed!

The fun things that Santa left: camping gear, toddler bedding, toys, pajamas...

Jax enjoying Christmas dinner...he LOVED the veggie tray!

He got a drum set from Mimi & Mitz! Awesome! Now he's ready to join the Praise Band!


  1. That Tanta pic is priceless! LOL

    And don't you love the pictures you take of them when they are still half asleep, looking at what Santa brought? It's like they don't want to touch it, lol. And their hair is always messed up, and big puffy sleepy eyes...some of my favorite sweet pictures! Just like these. :)

  2. Love the striped pajamas (reminded me of Sadie's!) and his reindeer shirt. Way cute.