Thursday, January 20, 2011

Disney on Ice

[This blog post has made me realize...I need blogger tutoring! I had so many pics & wanted to lay them out so that they weren't too overwhelming, but this is the best I could do...whatever. I will get help later lol.]
One thing that the Elf brought during December was tickets to Disney on Ice! The theme was Princess Wishes. I was afraid it was going to be too girly for Jax (& D) but it didn't focus too much on the princesses, but instead-the movies the princesses are in. It was incredible! I am a huge fan of Disney & every Disney experience-this occasion did not disappoint!
We loved it so much that we have already been searching for more to attend this year. The closest ones are "Toy Story 3" in Dallas & "Let's Celebrate" in Lafayette. We haven't decided which we want to attend. We haven't decided that we won't attend both! haha (Maybe we can persuade our Houston cousins-Traci & Sadie to join us for Toy Story 3! :) hint...hint...)
Speaking of Disney-we're also in the process of planning our Disney vacation! Yay!!!
We love "A Mouse" (as Jax would say for Mickey Mouse)!
Jax was captivated from the moment we walked in. He LOVED it! (Maybe even as much as I did! HA!)
These pictures speak for themselves:

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