Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night was our first Bunco night of the year! My friend Erin put together a crazy group of girls. I can't believe we didn't take pictures! (Probably b/c we were too busy trying to win one of the amazing prizes!) Each month it will be at a different member's house. They will cook the dinner & the person with the following month will make the dessert. Last night we had Tacos, Tostadas, fresh guacamole & lots of other Mexican food. The dessert was Sopapilla Cheesecake (Oh Lord!) The gifts were INCREDIBLE! The big Bunco gift was the most gorgeous Mardi Gras wreath that a little boutique in town makes. (I did not even get one Bunco, but I am convinced I need one of the wreaths!) What a super fun time we had! I got one of the 8 small gifts (which was really 2 gifts cuz Erin likes to give gifts lol) & I LOVE THEM! It's a Scentbug from Bath & Bodyworks-in Sweet Pea...and PINK! & also a little pair of animal print tweezers! LOVE! I'm already looking forward to next month!


  1. I want to learn how to play Bunco. I understand that it's great fun!

  2. It is, it is! But there is no skill involved. My kinda game...haha!