Friday, November 19, 2010

Terrible One-and-a-Half & MDO Thanksgiving

So forget the terrible twos. We're having our "terrible" adventure now! One sign - we avoid eating out at all costs. If we must go out to eat (like we did w/ the revival crew EVERY night of the revival) we bring a "Survival Kit" with books, play dough, toys... I'm quickly learning that Mister Jax has a mind of his own! At his Mother's Day Out Thanksgiving program he was such a rascal! He would not wear his necklace or his feather headband, he would not take a picture, he wanted to be held & once he saw his Daddy on the stage, it was over!

Here he is noticing Dustie.

Here he is making D pick him up (all while D is speaking).


All the classes & teachers

D trying to narrate

Still narrating

Jax taking over the mic

Jax not letting D have it back!

Jax now narrating

Final words

About to say the blessing

Jax protesting the feather headband

The fam

Chowing down!

Trying to get decent pics after lunch

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