Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Halloween Adventure

This past Saturday was our family's day to celebrate Halloween. We slept til 9 (thanks Jax!) & then went into town to have lots of fun!

We started with lunch at Moe's. We ate outside & were the only ones out on the patio so we could let Jax run all over!

So yummy!

Then we went shopping at Old Navy. Their coats were 50% off & I have had my eye on a green peacoat so I couldn't miss this great deal! I also found this super cute one...might have to add to my Christmas list. Have I mentioned I have a weakness for coats and jackets? We also found some pants for Dustie and Jax and a couple of coats for Jax. We're ready for the cold!

Then we went to Barnes & Noble to have an adventure in the
children's book area. Jax had soooo much fun!

Here are a couple of fun books we "needed." We also got a really neat book
about Santa's reindeer going on strike. Can't wait to read that one!

Finally, we stopped by Krispy Kreme for a little treat!

We got some of these jack-o-lantern donuts for Jax to take to his Sunday School class Sunday.
Too cute!

Another cute scene!

Pooped from our Halloween Adventure!
Time to go home & take a nap & get ready for our church's Fall Carnival!

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