Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Family Fun Fest

Last Saturday night our church had it's annual Fall Family Fun Fest. The whole town comes out to our church to participate. There's food, a TON of games, bouncies & just fun all around. We just let Jax run all over and followed behind. He had SUCH a ball!

Here he is shmoozing it up.

Dinosaur Jax and Clark awesome pair.

Jax's friend Harleigh. She was Minnie Mouse!

You can see that Jax had NO plans to wear his dinosaur head.

Jax with sucker #1.

And here with sucker #2 & his friend Marley.

(While taking a break, he sat sucker #1 on the ground thinking he would just eat it later. Mommy vetoed that idea. Out came sucker #2.)

This is Jax just having a convo with his good friend Conley (Boo).

(Where he sat down sucker #1.)


1 comment:

  1. LOL when I first saw Jax with that weinie, I thought "Who would give out carrots at their booth?" ROFL

    And Dust? Ahem....
    Maybe the guy from the Incredibles? HAHAHA